30 March, 2008

Bumbo Seat

Pikir punya pikir, akhirnya decide nak beli bumbo seat untuk Syirah. Tengok cam best je. Senang nak bagi Syirah makan nanti. Pastu takde la dia terlentang je tengok orang lalu-lalang. Bumbo seat ni leh guna untuk baby seawal 3 bulan, iaitu untuk baby yang belum pandai duduk sendiri. Baca ni:

The Bumbo Baby Seat is a snug and cozy environment for your baby. This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely designed according to the baby's posture. The Bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves! Bumbo Baby Seats are suitable for babies from as young as six weeks (or as soon as they can support their own heads unaided) to an age of approximately fourteen months.

award winning infant chairis manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight and portable. It is soft and comfortable for the baby, safe, hygienic and nontoxic. The integral outer skin of the material is durable and easy to clean.

Bumbo Baby Seat is versatile and can be used safely and conveniently anywhere on any level surface, and is definitely the extra set of hands you have always been looking for - the perfect gift for that special occasion.

The Bumbo does not require any uncomfortable straps or fasteners. It is designed so that the baby's own body weight keeps baby in place and gives a wonderfully new way to ensure maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with your child.

Survey kat banyak tempat gak, cari yang ada sale. Harganya dalam RM200++ with tray. Alhamdulillah rezeki Syirah dapat RM179.90 sekali dengan tray beli kat littlewhiz. Beli awal sementara Syirah belum pandai nak bangun ni. Kalo lambat kang buat rugi je beli sebab dia dah pandai nak merangkak keluar dari seat tu.

Ni aksi-aksi Syirah duduk dalam bumbo seat. Hehe..

Poyo kan?