25 May, 2010

Get ready

Ada t-shirt, kain batik, breast pad, pad, stokin Mama. Ada baju, mitten&botties, topi, pampers Adik. Nak kena masuk sekali baju Papa ke? Camera pun lum amik kat kedai repair lagi.

Artikel dipetik dari :

Pregnancy is truly both an exciting and nerve-wracking moment in a woman’s life. Minimize the anxiety of forgetting to bring some essential items with you by packing your pregnancy bag ahead of time. Create a checklist of the things that need to be in your pregnancy bag so that you can add or remove some items as needed. Packing things ahead of time during your pregnancy will surely be helpful in the end. Mothers need to have the basics such as a change of clothes, clean underwear (disposable ones will do) and a pair of socks, toiletries for cleaning up, massage or aromatic oils for relaxing, makeup for instant touch-ups when visitors arrive, and books or magazines to while away the time.

Your baby also needs some things of his own like a going-home outfit, a warm blanket, cap, socks, and a carefully-installed car seat. You can also pack for your partner or for whoever is going with you to the hospital—a change of clothes, snacks, a fully-charged digital or a video camera, toiletries, and some change or a phone card for making calls.

Knowing what to bring with you to the hospital will surely ease your mind off the smaller things and concentrate on the bigger picture—your pregnancy and the upcoming birth of your baby. You and your partner will have a much easier time when the time comes for you to rush to the hospital.

Tidak ketinggalan, buku rekod yang sentiasa dibawa ke hulu ke hilir dalam handbag pegi ofis pun bawak. So now, are u ready??

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